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Equipment Rental

Rafts: $30.00 per person

                                         Tubes $20.00 per person

We have a variety of styles and sizes availabeTubes. $20.00 per person

We give FREE cooler tubes when renting from us. We give 1 free cooler tube for every 4 tubes that you rent. This does NOT apply on holiday weekends. Taxes and shuttle fees are included in the price of the tubes. You can take your tube for $20 per person

Rafts are the best choice when the river is high. Rafts and Kayaks are the only equipment allowed on the river when the CFS is above 1000. If the Guadalupe River gets above 2000 CFS only raft trips are allowed and must have a guide, which we will provide.

When renting our rafts a two man raft will be $60, a three man raft is $90 and a $120 for a four man raft. 


You must pay for each piece of equipment you want shuttled. For example, if you have your own cooler tube, you must pay $20 to have it shuttled.

For equipment that can hold more than one person, you pay per person. A two person tube will be $40 total. A raft that holds two, will be $40. Similarly, if you have a raft that can hold two, but will only have one person in it, you only have to pay $15.

You MUST tell us when you are paying for your shuttle that you have private equipment. You need a wristband for the shuttle. Customers without private equipment wristbands will NOT be shuttled.